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Connecting Chinese consumers to brands through international influencers

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$ 11.2
Trillion gdp
$ 8.12 k
per capita
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What is 39?

The two numbers, 3 and 9, stem partly from Chinese culture and from our company philosophy. 3 represents our 3 key principles and 9 in Chinese represents forever.

  1. We believe that relationships with clients are long lasting.
  2. We believe that relationships with partners are long lasting.
  3. We believe that relationships are prosperous for everyone.

39 Advertising Group seeks to connect Chinese consumers to brands through international (primarily western hemisphere) influencers through a variety of channels such as social media, corporate events, and other forms of advertising. The population of China continues to grow at an unprecedented pace and currently stands at 1.4 billion. As a result of industrialization, Chinese consumerism is on the rise and we are here to meet the demands of the Chinese consumer.


As the interconnection between Chinese and western culture continues to grow, 39 seeks to serve as the intersection between western media and influence and an ever-growing base of Chinese consumers to promote growth between both China and the international community.


Each partner of 39 Advertising Group has a set of skills that are indispensable and crucial to the success of the firm.

Zhili Li


Zhili primarily manages the Chinese operations of 39 Advertising Group. She is fluent in Chinese and speaks English as well. Zhili’s day to day involves managing Chinese relationships and researching the Chinese market to better understand the needs and wants of Chinese consumers. Her prior entrepreneurial experience includes about a decade in real estate and investing and prior to that, operating a successful manufacturing enterprise that she started over 20 years ago that at one point employed over 100 people.

George Lee


As an advisor, George primarily handles the American operations of 39 Advertising Group. He is fluent in English and proficient with Chinese and seeks to form partnerships with American influencers to deliver experiences to a growing, affluent, Chinese audience. George has also won numerous awards in entrepreneurship stemming from his ventures in cybersecurity and online advertising. He holds a degree in Finance, cum laude, from the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland.


Zhili: +1 (732) 524-8716
George: +1 (240) 848-0771
China: +86 1380 145 3525

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